3 women rescued from DC fire, officials say

Firefighters rushed to pull three women from a burning home in Northeast DC on Wednesday, according to officials.

DC Fire and EMS said firefighters responded to the blaze at a house in the 5700 block of Clay Street Northeast.

According to fire officials, three women were pulled from the basement of the home as firefighters battled the flames.

The fire department said one woman, who was in a wheelchair, was rushed to the hospital with cuts and smoke inhalation. She is expected to recover. The other two women were treated at the scene and were not taken to the hospital. A dog was also rescued from the home.

"I put everyone in one room along with the dog and called the fire department," one of the victims told FOX 5. "They took us out through the window. We were really scared for a long time because it took a long time to bring her out (the woman in the wheelchair) and she was overcome by smoke. They took her to the hospital where we just got a report that she's doing OK. Other than being cut by the window and the smoke inhalation, she's fine."

The cause of the fire was under investigation.