3 teens arrested for holding up Prince William County man, stealing guns from his home, police say

A Prince William County man is detailing his terrifying experience after being held up at gunpoint by three teenagers who were trying to steal his collection of firearms at his home.

Police say it happened on Arum Place in Woodbridge last Friday afternoon.

"I could tell they were young," the homeowner told FOX 5. "I'm an old man so everybody is young to me."

He found the three teenage suspects in his living room.

"I went in the house and confronted them, and they had me sit down," said the homeowner. "They said, 'Sit down,' and then they, for lack of better words, they pissed me off and I jumped up off the couch and they took off."

Why did the homeowner decide to confront them at that point?

"Because I would have kicked their a**," he said. "I wasn't afraid of them."

The seemingly unfazed homeowner was able to call police as the teenagers were running out the front door of his townhouse along with three of his rifles.

Nearby officers were able to arrest a 14-year-old boy and 15-year-old boy in the area with help from a police helicopter and K-9s. Another 14-year-old boy was taken into custody over the weekend. They are all facing abduction, burglary while armed and other felony charges.

"As soon as they kind of left the home, he was on the phone to police calling us," said Prince William County Police Sgt. Jonathan Perok. "So it was almost kind of like an instant thing, which we definitely support 100 percent. As soon as we can get told about something like this, sooner we can get there, sooner we can possibly apprehend the suspects.

"Unfortunately, sometimes juveniles feel like they won't get in trouble because they are kids. These are serious charges and I guarantee you when they go to court, they are going to face some serious punishment."

The homeowner admits he left his door unlocked while he ran out for a quick errand. He was not injured during the incident.