3 students arrested after brawl inside Alexandria City High School

A video depicting students fighting inside a Virginia high school is making its rounds on social media.

Three students have been arrested after the massive fight inside Alexandria City High School, and as a precaution, officers from the Alexandria Police Department were at the school Tuesday. 

FOX 5 has learned that the fight happened at Alexandria City High School's Minnie Howard campus on Monday. 

The video shows cellphones fly in the air the moment students begin throwing haymakers at one another while a school resource officer and security struggle to control them. 

Alexandria police said they did not receive a report of anyone being transferred to the hospital, however, medics were on the scene of the brawl. 

New Virginia law requires schools to report misdemeanors to law enforcement

The school's Executive Principal Peter Balas sent a note to families notifying them that the campus resumed a regular schedule after the melee. Balas also noted that the building was not placed on lockdown or secure the building status, which some members of the school community mistakenly shared on social media. 

"Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) is committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all. When students are involved in altercations on school grounds, ACPS will take immediate and appropriate action to ensure a safe learning environment for the student body and staff," the letter reads. "Further, ACPS and school officials will address issues of student conduct and responsibility and, as necessary, involve the APD."

The incident is the latest violent confrontation in the Alexandria City school district, which is under the helm of new leadership.

Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt took over as interim superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools on Sept. 1. FOX 5 did reach out to Kay-Wyatt about the brawl at the school, but we have not heard back. 

Police said the three juveniles who were arrested at the school Monday have been charged with obstruction of justice.