3 charged with murder, torture and kidnapping of Deontae Mitchell

Gregory Walker, 44 of Detroit, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with Deontae Mitchell's death. He and two other suspects, Lillian Roberts, 43, and Earnest Coleman, 26, have each been charged with one count of torture.

Additionally, all three also face one count each of the following charges: felony murder; unlawful imprisonment; kidnapping; felon in possession of a firearm; and felony firearm. Coleman had already been charged with kidnapping.

Deontae went missing June 1 after he and a cousin saw Walker drop a wallet with $75 on the ground. They picked it up and rode away. They were riding bikes outside of a liquor store.

A short while later, they separated and it's alleged Walker, Roberts and Coleman kidnapped Deontae at gunpoint and drove away with him. Prosecutors allege Walker beat the child and later choked him to death with the help of Roberts and Coleman.

Deontae's body was found in a field on the east side of Detroit on June 2.

"This whole thing is hard to believe," Prosecutor Kym Worthy said at a news conference. "This case shocked us all. There's not a whole lot that shocks seasoned prosecutors, but there are some things you just cannot explain.

"Mr. Mitchell was a victim. I am in no way going to blame the victim for any kind of behavior. The facts being what they were, there is no excuse for what happened to him."

Walker and Roberts were found in a Toledo motel, while Coleman was arrested in Detroit.

Investigators say an Amber Alert was issued at the time but not sent to smart phones because there was not a license plate for the abductor's vehicle. This is a policy that is being reviewed.

"Frankly that's something I've never thought of," Worthy said. "Perhaps that is something that needs to be looked into."

Worthy said all the people that will be charged have been charged and she considers this case closed.