250 storage units burglarized at Public Storage in Frederick

Authorities are searching for suspects after they say 250 units were burglarized at a Public Storage in Frederick.

Frederick police say say they believe the storage units were burglarized between 6 p.m. on Oct. 27 and 10:05 a.m. on Oct. 28.

"Somebody went to check their storage container and saw many containers were open and items were kind of sprawled all over their place and that is how we got the call," said Frederick Police Lt. Clark Pennington.

So far, it seems the suspects were after small items like jewelry and medication.

FOX 5 saw some customers, whose units weren't burglarized, try to access their storage units, but they were asked to turn around and come back at a later date.

The facility on Prospect Boulevard has been closed until further notice for the police investigation.

Police are working to notify all of the people who were victimized. They are making appointments for them to meet with detectives to survey their units and determine what was stolen.

Frederick police do not have a suspect description at this time. They are reaching out to other jurisdictions to see if this sort of massive break-in has happened elsewhere.

"With this number of storage units that have been entered, we do believe it's more than one person," said Pennington. "Each individual unit is locked with a padlock. We believe they cut the locks and entered the units that way."

Police say it is investigating whether there are any security cameras or an alarm at the facility.

"Each storage facility has their own level of security," Lt. Pennington said. "That is not mandated by the government. It is obviously not mandated by the police department."

The employee behind the front desk at this Public Storage location referred us to the corporate office for comment. Our call to them was transferred to their attorney's voicemail. We left a message, but have not received a response.

Police say detectives are working to compile an inventory of all of the items stolen. If you believe you are a victim or if you have any information about this break-in, you can contact Det. Matthew Irons of the Frederick Police Department at 240-674-8942.

"We are looking for anybody who has information about the type of vehicle they used to get away, anybody that saw suspicious people in the area," Pennington said. "We believe that they entered, not through the front gate, but maybe through a side gate."