2 of Md.'s largest casinos to reduce slot machines

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Big changes are coming at two Maryland casinos. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission has approved a plan to reduce the number of slot machines at the Maryland Live! and Horseshoe Baltimore casinos.

So why would casinos want fewer slots? It is all about gambler's changing tastes and changing generations.

At Maryland Live! Casino in Anne Arundel County, just getting a seat at a table can turn into a high stakes game.

Change is underway in the gaming world. It turns out the slot machines popularity streak may be running dry.

"Right now, we have an incredible demand for table games," said Maryland Live! Casino President Rob Norton.

He said this casino is expanding the number of traditional blackjack, craps and roulette tables.

"We are just trying to adjust to what the customer is asking for," he said.

State officials have greenlighted each of the two casinos to take out 300 slot machines each. While some lawmakers have voiced concern about what it will mean for tax revenues, the casinos says it will grow their business.

Why would they be making this bet? Well consider this: it's a Friday. It's the middle of the afternoon. And already, each one of the seats of Maryland Live's table games is full.

"It is quite social and you think about what the younger demographic is doing nowadays," said Norton. "I think the table games are a way for them to interact with their friends and other people differently than what they are doing on their computers."

It is not a move without risk. Slot players are notoriously loyal to the machines.

So even after the changes, Maryland Live! will still have 4,000 slots for loyal players.

The expanded table gaming area is expected to be rolled out this spring.