2 convicted in Apopka dog-fighting ring

Two people were sentenced Friday to a year in the Orange County Jail for their part in a massive dog-fighting ring that was busted in 2014. Mona Cumberland and Renaldo Bell were convicted of fighting and baiting animals. Bell was also found guilty of animal cruelty and attending a dog fight.

Cumberland and Bell were two of 26 people arrested back in May of 2014 after Apopka Police found more than 30 dogs in the backyard of an Apopka home. Many of the dogs were chained up, emaciated and injured.

Cumberland denied any knowledge of the fights though she lived in the home where they were happening. Bell maintained he was just in the area to buy marijuana.

On top of their sentences, Cumberland was sentenced to 4 years probation once released and Bell was sentenced to 8 years probation. Both defendants were also ordered to pay $3,000 to the ASPCA.