2 arrested for violent attack caught on video outside McDonald's restaurant

Arlington County police said two people have been arrested after a Virginia teenager was seen beaten on video outside of a McDonald's restaurant last week.

The violent attack happened Friday night at around 9:30 p.m. at the fast food restaurant located on Lee Highway in Arlington.

In the video, the 17-year-old boy is seen being struck over and over, causing him to suffer injuries to his head and face.

"Physically -- bumps, bruises, scratches," the victim's mother said. "There is a golf ball-size bruise on the back of his ear."

The mother of the victim reached out to FOX 5 because she wants those who attacked her son caught and she said it is important to speak out or else nothing will happen.

Olympia Hantzopoulos said when she first saw the video of the beating, "I howled really loud … I lost it. Yeah, I lost it."

She said she believes the attack is payback for her son reporting a crime against him months ago.

"Snitching refers to my son being attacked and robbed six months ago," she said. "One grabbed him from behind during school and the other reached in his pants pockets and took out $40."

Police arrested 19-year-old Sasanka Udumalagala and 18-year-old Ricardo Robinson and have charged both of them with malicious wounding. Authorities said one of the men is also accused by the victim of allegedly robbing him back in May.

Police said they do not believe this attack is gang-related and no further charges are pending in connection to the violent assault.