17-year-old donates shoes to homeless for Thanksgiving

A popular YouTuber is being praised for his homeless outreach efforts for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Giancarlo Purchia, who is known for his Blazendary fashion focused channel, collected 15 pairs of shoes to donate to the less fortunate.

"I felt like very warm inside. I felt very happy with myself," Purchia said. "Like having them [his followers] see me do these positive acts for people, it hopefully will inspire them and make the world a better place for everyone."

On the Wednesday before the holiday, he walked along Tryon Street in uptown handing out shoes to the homeless.

"I was inspired a couple months ago, by my mom. She actually suggested that I should do something giving back for Thanksgiving," Purchia said.

Purchia collected the shoes from his closet and also with family owned store, Sneaker1, who donated shoes as well.

"We were used as a tool to bless other people and it's just overwhelming," said Chris Guity, manager of Sneaker1. "It really hits you hard when you're able to see that you're helping people out. It hit me hard. I shed a few tears."

Purchia hopes people will get inspired to do something helpful for those less fortunate after watching this video.