15-year-old raising money to buy 1,000 sleeping bags for the homeless

Homelessness is a complex problem, but when 15-year-old Noah Rupp saw a man shivering on the street, he asked himself a simple question: "What can I do to help?"

It was during a trip to Asheville, North Carolina with his dad that Noah saw the man that inspired him.

"We were walking around Asheville and saw this guy sitting out in the cold and thought about giving him our jackets but they were not water proof," explained to FOX 46.

After some research, Noah found a temporary solution in lightweight and extremely warm sleeping bags.

"You can roll it up and it's very portable which is important," explained Noah. "We realize this is the way to help people who can't get to the homeless shelter or find that warm place to sleep at night."

So, he started Noah's Ark Project, and plans on buying 1,000 of the sleeping bags. Each bag costs $15, and he's raised more than $8,000 of the $15,000 necessary.

Noah's determination parallels his passion to help.

"You have to set goals in life. You can't shy away from a challenge, even if something is a lot bigger than it seemed at first. You just have to keep pushing because eventually you'll start getting somewhere," he said.

Watch the video to see how Noah's warmth begins with his heart.