Super Bowl can bring joy, good times, and even heart attacks

The Super Bowl can be a highly emotional game. Millions of people will be watching, and many of them don't practice a healthy lifestyle.

"The whole theory of the couch potato watching the football game and getting emotionally charged may have something to do with the idea that the Super Bowl may increase heart attacks," said Dr. Jason Kang.

Dr. Kang is the medical director at Abrazo Heart Hospital, and oversees an emergency room solely dedicated to heart health.

He talked to us about how people tend to overdo it on Super Bowl Sunday, putting themselves at risk.

"Some studies say there may be an increased rate when their team of their home team loses," said Dr. Kang.

But Dr. Kang says the validation of these studies can be difficult.

"The idea should be more to practice a healthy lifestyle so you can become emotionally attached and support your team, and your community," said Dr. Kang.

He warns of the symptoms you may experience to alert you that something is wrong.

Chest pressure, shortness of breath, and nausea are all symptoms.

"If people practice healthy lifestyle, drink moderately and nothing in excess and eat the right foods, they can cheer their teams on as much as they want," said Dr. Kang.

And as for his own Super Bowl Sunday?

"My risk for heart attack and cardio vascular events stopped when the Cowboys lost."