No shortage of fan fashion at CFP National Championship

Alabama and Clemson fans sure know to dress for the occasion. Outside of Raymond James Stadium on Monday, there was an ocean of orange and a sea of crimson.

But some took it over the top for this College Football National Championship rematch. Mike Devon was sporting what we'll call 'dad casual.'

"Here at Clemson, we dress up for the occasion, as far as making a nice affair, as opposed to dressing down," he explained.

But Will Killiam from Mobile, Alabama, would have to disagree. He came suited and booted.

"I'm actually a senior at Alabama. So I've gotta go all out for the game. There's no excuses; it's my last year to be there."

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Then there's Jeff Baugh, the owner of the Bama-lance. He's got the Alabama 'southern gentleman' look on lockdown.

"The inspiration is go big or go home," he offered. "It's what makes you feel good, it makes you feel lucky, feel comfortable," he laughed.

For Billie and Kerry Dearmond, the game represents a split in their 40-year marriage.

"Oh man, it's cool; we have a good time with it," chuckled Kerry, an Alabama fan.

"It'll be better tonight," countered his wife Billie, a longtime Clemson fan. "It's going to be better when we win."

Much of the hype surround this year's game is thanks in part to the city of Tampa. Years of planning went into the 2017 National Championship, and the city expects a return of upwards of $300 million.

"It has been great," Clemson fan Hal Hiott said. "We'd had a ball. They rolled out the red carpet. It's been great."

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