Metro makes promise of commemorative SmarTrip card if Caps bring home Stanley Cup

As Washington Capitals players T.J. Oshie and Matt Niskanan have made the Metro their choice of transportation for getting to Capital One Arena for Stanley Cup games, Metro is now giving a nod to the Caps' star forward.

Metro said on Twitter Tuesday, following a victorious fourth game in DC Monday night they will make a commemorative SmarTrip card for Oshie -- if he brings home the Stanley Cup!

Oshie and Niskanan rode the Metro to the office both Saturday and Monday night from Virginia. But on Monday, when Oshie arrived at Gallery Place-Chinatown station, he had to stop to add some money on his Metro SmarTrip card to exit the station after being short $0.35.

Even though fans reportedly offered Oshie the change to cover the difference, Metro allegedly let him through without incident.

"I offered him the 35 cents, another guy offered him a $20. He didn't know Add Fare doesn't take plastic. He went over to the Metro office. They didn't give him any trouble, and we all wished him luck and chanted "Let's Go Caps!" said Caps fan @CDLori on Twitter.

No word on if Oshie's card will have unlimited rides but at least he will be able to ride in style with a special design on his card.

The Washington Capitals are now 3-1 in the series, and will play the Golden Knights for Game 5 in Vegas Thursday night at 8 p.m.

Let's go Caps!