Your tip sheet for holiday tipping

Do you know who and how much to tip for the holidays? We've got your holiday tipping cheat sheet right here.

USPS mail carriers can't accept cash by law, but they can accept a gift worth up to $20.

Newspaper delivery people and trash collectors should get a tip between $10 and $30. Wake up a little early and hand them a nice note to go along with it.

Childcare providers should get at least a week's pay. Adding a small present from your child is also a nice touch.

Give a thoughtful gift to teachers and coaches to thank them for all they do for your kids. You could also combine your resources with other parents to buy one amazing gift.

Tip the cost of a visit or session to your cleaning person, personal trainer, hair stylist and massage therapist.

Doormen typically receive between $25 to $100. If you're not sure what's standard in your building, ask a neighbor.

If the same parking attendant provides you with service regularly, think about tipping between $10 and $50 the next time you are in the garage.

And remember, if you can't afford to tip, some homemade cookies or a thoughtful note can still let people how much you appreciate what they do all year.