Whole Foods plans to take legal action over cake controversy

Whole Foods says it plans on taking legal action against Pastor Jordan Brown, the man who claimed that a derogatory term was written on a cake he bought at a Whole Foods store.

The company released surveillance video from the day that Brown bought the cake and also released an updated statement saying that after "a deeper investigation" that it believes Brown's accusations are "fraudulent."

The complete statement is as follows:

In a video Whole Foods uploaded on their YouTube Channel Pastor Jordan Brown can be seen carrying a cake box to the cash register. There appears to be a sticker with a UPC code on the top of the box.

The Whole Foods cashier can be seen scanning the UPC code on the top of the box.

In a video uploaded to the Kaplan Law Firm's YouTube Channel Mr. Brown says, "It is still in a sealed box, as you see I have not opened up this box yet, it is still sealed. As you see right here."

The video shows Pastor pointing to the sticker with the UPC code however the sticker is no longer on the top of the box as it appeared in the video uploaded to YouTube.

Equality Texas released this statement regarding the Whole Foods incident:

Pastor Brown's lawyer Austin Kaplan released the following statement to FOX 7: