WEIGHT-LOSS SUCCESS: FOX 5 video-journalist Indira LeVine shares weight loss story

FOX 5 video-journalist Indira LeVine didn't have her moment until she tipped the scales at 336-pounds.

"Some people have a moment. They're like, 'I'm tired of being fat. I'm tired of sweating all the time. I'm tired of wearing Spanks all the time.' Mine came when my mom, before she passed away, was like, 'Baby, don't be fat - do what you have to do to lose this weight.'"

LeVine said that sparked her weight-loss journey. She began with a trip to the doctor's and eventually hired a trainer who taught her how to eat and how to workout.

She began building muscle, losing fat, and eating healthy - everyday.


"I have a job where I have to plan it out - it's so easy to go to fast-food restaurants," she said. "I get my chicken, I get my turkey, I get my fish and I plan everything - and I cook everything - and I count my calories."

LeVine says that by following this plan she has gotten her weight down to 197-pounds. Plus, working with FOX 5's Bob Barnard every morning keeps her on the move.


LeVine credits part of her weight loss success to her decision to work with a trainer.

"You need someone to hold you accountable," she says, especially after losing a little bit of weight initially. She says she posts her goals on social media and calls her trainer her 'accountability partner.'

She says by always seeing her goals she reduces the temptation to fall back to her unhealthy habits.


"I went day-to-day," she said. "That's all you can do is day-to-day." She says move past mistakes and think about how much work and effort it takes to burn off the fatty-foods you might crave.

"I think of how far I've come and I don't want to go back there!"


-Meal Prep

-Read Food Labels

-Get a Trainer

-Cut out Negative People

-Shop On Outer Perimeter Of Grocery Store

-Get Off Treadmill

-Lift Weights

-Make Yourself Accountable

-Post Goals To Social Media