'Wee-Sale' pays it forward to law enforcement family who survived Kent Island tornado

Two months ago, a tornado touched down in Kent Island creating a path of devastation for several homes and businesses in the area. Among those affected was the family of Annapolis police officer, Paul Sullivan.

Sullivan, his wife, their three boys and their dog were home when the tornado struck. All survived the storm but struggled to recover from the damage caused.

Mimi Shea, owner of a popular consignment business, knew she needed to help. Shea, runs the 'Wee-Sale Children's Consignment Event '- a huge seasonal children's consignment sale held each year for shoppers in the Baltimore and D.C. area's.

Shea stepped up and gave the Sullivan family, and another family impacted by the tornado, $100 gift certificates and early access to this year's 'Wee-Sale.'

"It's just a little way that 'Wee-Sale' can give back," Shea said. "It's what we can do for our local families."

You can check out this fall's 'Wee-Sale' at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex beginning September 14 until the 17th.

ONLINE: http://wee-sale.com/