'We need to make changes:' Could Montgomery County Board of Education be made a full-time job?

Montgomery County’s Board of Education could go from being a part-time position, to a full-time gig.

FOX 5 DC has learned talks are underway between members of the Montgomery County Council and state lawmakers in Annapolis over a proposal to make the Montgomery Board of Education a full-time job. 

At a council hearing last Thursday on the Montgomery County Public School's report into the sexual harassment and bullying allegations against former Montgomery County principal Joel Beidleman, lax oversight was blamed in part for contributing to problems within MCPS. Several county council members suggested there's a need for the board to go full-time. 

"I have said before that I am open to that. You know, the current structure is not working and so we need to make changes to the current structure," said Montgomery County Council President Andrew Friedson. 

Currently, MCPS board members make salaries of $25,000 for the oversight of a school system that operates on a budget of $3.2 billion dollars. Advocates say making the position full-time could attract more candidates to run for the Montgomery County School Board. 

To make the position full-time, Maryland's General Assembly would have to pass a law.