WATCH: Little boy found wandering in middle of highway spotted by deputy

It was a close call for a two-year-old boy found wandering on a busy highway in Lincoln County, Oregon. Deputies released the dashcam video of the incident as a reminder of the importance of being an alert driver at all times.

On Jan. 9, Deputy Jeremy Gautney was traveling southbound on Highway 101 in Newport, Oregon when he spotted the two-year-old running down the highway toward him, in his lane. The little boy runs right into the path of the oncoming deputy's vehicle as the vehicle comes to a stop and the little boy runs right up to the car.

The deputy quickly got out and scooped up the little boy just as a large truck is seen in the video passing by.

The child's parents were frantically searching for the little boy and he was returned unharmed. An investigation determined the incident was accidental. The family was cleaning up after a gathering at a nearby community center when the child slipped out through an open door in the flash of a second.

"We share this video as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong and the danger and potential result of
distracted driving. Please remain alert at all times while driving," the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said.

Because the incident was an accident, no criminal charges will be filed.