Virginia mom fights COVID-19 with help from community

Our Good Day Gives Back series with Easterns Automotive Group continues with the story of a Virginia woman who not only survived the virus but is now using what she learned to help her community survive too.

Ana Romero was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in April. After spending several days in the hospital she came home but still suffers pain and loss of vision in one eye. Even still, she is not letting that stop her from using her experience to help her neighbors. 

Romero volunteers to pick up food boxes from a local non profit call Tenants and Workers daily. She delivers those food boxes to people suffering under the pandemic. And that’s not all. She has taken nutrition classes to help people in her community switch more healthy lifestyles so they can be better prepared for the cold temperatures. 

She says she wants to spread facts not fear in her mostly hisppanic community who sometimes is fearful of seeking medical help or assistance.

Easterns wanted to encourage Romero to keep up the fight against COVID-19. They along with the Fox 5 Pay It Forward crew sent her a deluxe spa basket with a warm shoulder throw and a $200 gift card to Safeway so she and her family can enjoy a fantastic holiday season.