Virginia couple takes social distancing message to heart by live streaming wedding amid coronavirus concerns

The coronavirus outbreak prompted a northern Virginia man and his fiancée to spread the word about social distancing – so much so that they took their own message to heart and live streamed their own wedding ceremony!


Brian Rose and his wife Megan were set to get married in front of about 150 family and friends at the end of the month. As the deadly virus spread – large gatherings were prohibited in Virginia and the couple was forced to cancel their traditional wedding day plans. “We kind of just saw the writing on the wall – and things were just getting worse and worse,” Brian said.

The two said that instead of rescheduling the service they invited their pastor and a few family and friends over to hold a small, last-minute celebration in their backyard – and they live streamed it for all to see!

Before their big day -- Brian, a videographer – set out on a mission to produce a PSA advising people to stay healthy and stay home. Inspired by a scene from the film, The Blue Brothers, Brian strapped a speaker onto the hood of his car and drove around D.C. spreading the word. He said it was fun and made people smile – but it was also important to him and him new wife that they spread the word.