Viral video shows skater jumping over officer

A viral video posted to social media shows a Mesa Police officer spending some time at a local skate park who became the center of a very cool trick.

The video has received over 318,000 views and almost 3,000 shares. The teen Roman Mora has tried for a year to convince Mesa Sergeant James Hermes to let him do the trick. They came to an agreement, and now both men are getting more attention than they would ever imagine.

"He was like no, I want to see how high you can go first, and I told him I couldn't say that it had to be with someone standing there so I could go straight over them," said Roman Mora.

Sgt. Hermes agreed and watched every skater, scooter, and ball player rush over in the park to watch.

"I kind of did a little duck because I saw it coming like awe it's going to be bad, but he made it and at the last minute I kind of looked out of the corner of my eye and saw he probably cleared me by a foot and a half," said Sgt. Hermes.

The impressive trick posted on the Mesa Police Facebook page immediately went viral.

"All I see is 20,000 views, and then it went higher up to 40,000, and then 100,000 and I was just happy," said Mora.

"It's about just showing the kids you know we're not just out running amok trying to arrest everybody, but we're also people and want to have a good time as well," said Hermes.

Now everyone wants Roman to jump over them.

Roman also asked Sgt. Hermes if he could jump over his police car, and the Sergeant politely declined. Another officer who is almost 7 feet tall also passed on the stunt.