Video shows DeSoto mom allegedly dragging husband's body

Detectives showed FOX 4 surveillance video they used to link a woman to the murder of her husband.

Maria Montalvo is a fugitive and police in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto believe she is in Mexico.

They said she killed her husband in their home nearly three years ago. Simon Montalvo was shot six times.

Newly released surveillance video shows Maria dragging something wrapped in trash bags and blankets. Police said it was Simon's body. She is also seen burying something in the backyard and carrying rocks to cover something up.

Police believe the murder happened while the couple's two children were sleeping.

"To think that your own children are in the house and even in the video all this is transpiring knowing that the children are in the home is quite disturbing," said Det. Will McGraw with the DeSoto Police Department.

The Montalvo children are now living with relatives in Indiana.

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