Video of Metro Center shooting released by WMATA

An off-duty FBI special agent opened fire inside Metro Center station Wednesday night, fatally striking one person, according to police.

A preliminary investigation revealed that a fight between the special agent and another person occurred. During the scuffle, the agent and the other person fell over an 8-foot drop behind the platform, and away from the tracks. The federal officer then opened fire on the other individual.

On Friday, Metro Transit Police released video of multiple angles of the incident. 

They also released a video of the "heroic" rail operator who decided to bypass the station when she saw the incident unfolding, according to Metro Transit Police. 

The person who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene. He has been identified as Troy Bullock, 28, of Southeast D.C. 

The FBI agent was transported to the hospital after suffering minor injuries during the altercation.