Arrest made in Oak Cliff apartment shootout with burglary suspect posing as maintenance man

A man police believe was involved in a dramatic shootout while attempting to break into an Oak Cliff apartment has been arrested and charged.

The incident, which happened on Saturday, August 19th around 6 p.m., was captured by a doorbell camera.

A man claiming to be a maintenance worker shows up outside the apartment door at a complex off of Gannon Lane.

In the video, Ethan Rodriguez can be heard talking to the man through his doorbell camera.

"We're checking the air filters," the supposed maintenance man says.

Rodriguez tells him no one is home and to come back another day.

A few minutes later, the man comes back with a friend and this time, they're armed.

Both men take turns kicking the door and attempting to break in to the apartment.

Little did they know, Rodriguez is home and had been on his phone talking to them through the doorbell camera.

"I check the camera to see who’s all at the door and I saw him kicking the door with a firearm and fearing for my and my brother’s life. I just let the gun go. I didn’t know what to do," said Rodriguez.

Dallas Police say Rodriguez fired 13 rounds and the suspects fired back twice.

Despite all the shots, no one was injured.

According to an arrest affidavit, the video posted and circulated on social media, leading to CrimeStoppers tips that identified the suspect posting as the maintenance worker as 30-year-old Aaron Contreras.


Aaron Contreras 

"This was a random attack, we couldn’t have expected any of this. He’s not linked to anyone in my family or anybody that we know," said Rodriguez.

Two days later, on Monday, police arrested Contreras and charged him with aggravated assault, deadly conduct and attempted burglary.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office records show Contreras' criminal history dates back to 2013.

The records show he's been arrested and charged with robbery and burglary several times before.

"I’m guessing he just thought this was just going to be a lucky pay day and no one’s home, free stuff to steal. No, he thought wrong," said Rodriguez.

Dallas Police couldn't share any information about the man in the ski mask from the video.

They told FOX 4 his identity is part of the ongoing investigation.

Rodriguez says he hasn't gotten any messages about whom that man could be.