VIDEO: Mother arrested after fight with Glendora High School students

A Glendora High School mother is caught on cell phone video yelling at a student who police said flipped her off in the parking lot.

The video from Friday shows the mom grab the boys neck to drag him into the principal's office, but, that's when her son smacks the student with his crutch.

The boy told police he was just defending his mom, but the fight doesn't stop there.

A third student gets involved - and the mother turns to go after him too.

"I thought the mother shouldn't have provoked the fight, she probably should have stopped it," student Jayda Williams said. "I think it was kind of childish."

Witnesses said it all went down during lunch hour at Glendora High School where the students involved are believed to be sophomores.

Students are heard on video telling the mother to chill out as she's screaming profanities at them.

Students said some kids were picking on her son with crutches which also upset her.

"She reacted like any normal mom trying to protect her kid," student, Aaron Samson, said.

A teacher who heard the commotion broke up the fight before anyone got seriously hurt, according to Glendora Police.

The mother was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges and issued a citation to appear in court in May.

The school district wouldn't comment on any disciplinary action for the students.