VIDEO: Burglar hammers through brick wall to steal prescription drugs

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Thousands of dollars' worth of prescription drugs could soon be on the streets after a man used a sledgehammer to break through a brick wall and into a Snellville pharmacy.

The owners said they have had to turn away several customers who needed the medication that was stolen

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"There's too many drugs coming through too many pharmacies that are being broken into in the metro Atlanta area, somebody somewhere along the line has to speak up," said Michele Dalton, owner Eastside Family Pharmacy.

Dalton said people out there know who is breaking into these pharmacies. Thursday morning, her store was hit again. The owners said it took the burglar about thirty minutes to knock out the wall. Once he had his opening, he crawled in through a cabinet, across the room and he made his way through the store.

Owner and pharmacy manager Esther Truitt cannot believe he got in.

"He got lucky. He literally got lucky. Where he hit the wall was the sport that got him through," Truitt.

Back in April this store was hit that time a burglar came through the front door and cut the power.

"Every single thing that was done to us before we changed or upgraded. We change and upgraded locking mechanism system on our door. Upgraded security gate, upgraded security monitoring. We did everything at that time we knew to do or were advised to do," said Truitt.

The store is out thousands of dollars' worth of medication add in the cost to repair the building, and the owners are looking at upwards $12,000 loss, but it's not the money they're upset over.

"There are people who are legitimately injured and ill that are suffering because of your illicit purposes for these drugs, that's not right, that's not fair. You need to be held accountable," said Truitt.

"This puts OxyContin on the streets, Percocet on the street, all the hydrocodone products, then all of your ADHD medications, Adderall, morphine, all of that out on our street," said Truitt.