Veterans group stops in the valley on the way to DC

A group of bikers are on their way to Washington D.C. and stopped in the Valley Wednesday to rest and refuel. They are with the group "Run for the Wall" that hopes to give a tribute to veterans killed and missing in action.

Almost 300 riders rode into the valley this evening. They were welcomed by patriotic locals as they stopped on their journey to Washington D.C.

"It started out with Vietnam vets; now we're bringing healing to young vets. It's also to bring awareness to POW and MIA issues," said ChickenJoe Connors.

This group is one of three riding to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. About half of them are veterans. Army Ranger Cory Remsburg and his dad Craig joined the riders for dinner. Remsburg was injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

"It's good to come together for a good reason. It's finding the accountability for our missing in action, and also remembering our killed in action, and those still serving today," said Cory Remsburg.

The group will stay in the valley and leave early Thursday for Marana. Once in D.C., the first timers will ride into Arlington National Cemetery, and all 1,500 plan to visit the Lincoln Memorial. The group will then carry a plaque to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

"Have a very good ride, let's not forget the legacy of why we're here," said Remsburg.

The goal for this year's ride is to bring attention to the 22 veterans and active duty service members who take their own life each day.