Vet plays Taps every night, honoring those who have served

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When you're out to dinner, you probably don't expect to hear live music that will truly give you chill bumps. One that will literally whisk you away from your table and the food you just ordered. The same music that is played, without a hitch, every single night around the same time--sunset. And it's not just any song.

Karla Smith and her husband got to experience something that everyone should see, even if from afar.

After a quaint dinner in downtown Galveston, the restaurant owner asked the couple if they'd like to watch Taps. No, not a dance. Not a movie. Not the latest viral Youtube video. Though, I'd beg to differ on the viral video. It's one in the making, as it's taking the internet by storm--one with fierce honor and respect.

Why? Because a dedicated man, named Mr. Guy Taylor, steps onto a balcony each night at sunset, brings out his beloved bugle, and plays Taps.

Mr. Taylor is an 83-year-old Marine vet and served during the Korean War. One of his best friends, Cpl David Champagne was killed in action. Mr. Taylor vowed to never forget his buddy, or anyone else who has served. It was a trip across the country to Maine where he was able to visit his friend's grave. From there, he promised to always play Taps. Every. Single. Night. It's a way to honor all that's been's also a type of "emotional healing" for Mr. Taylor himself.

Each night, like clockwork, you'll find Mr. Taylor playing so beautifully a song that gives nothing but praise, remembrance, respect, and love.

Something that has added to this ceremonial moment of magic: the stopping of traffic. Constable Clint Wayne Brown, also a veteran and still serving in the Reserves realized people in the area should pause, take the moment to reflect, be courteous, and revel in the moment that thanks our vets, the fallen, the ones still fighting for our country.

Constable Brown pulls his car into the intersection, every evening, bringing traffic to a halt of honor. And he salutes.

This has been a tradition for four incredible years. It took no time for Mr. Taylor and Constable Brown to become fast friends. After all, serving is about having each other's backs--even of someone you don't even know.

As you can imagine, this is a a beautiful moment. Karla and her husband were there to see it one night, not long ago. But it will never be one of those regular date nights, as it was "a very special emotional experience."

Karla realized this should be shard--the honoring of our men and women who serve, making sure we, as Americans, get to live the lives we live. She captured the moment on her iPhone...a moment that's sure to make you sit a little higher, give more thanks, and be more appreciative.

Karla tells FOX 5 Atlanta:

When our military members return, many face a struggle of adjusting back to civilian, some have traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, etc. The struggle isn't over just because they are no longer actively serving. We need to be more aware of the hardships our military members face when they return home and offer our support and especially our gratitude for their service. This is what I hope this video does. I hope it makes people more aware of the sacrifices our military members have made and maybe a little more open and quick to thank a Veteran or active duty member for their service for our country. They deserve our respect.

That could not have been worded any better. They deserve our respect, 100%.

Just last week, a group of disabled vets arrived, awaiting Mr. Taylor to do his nightly tribute. All have suffered brain injuries, most dealing with PTSD. They watched Karla's video and knew coming to Galveston was one of the best trips they could ever take. Karla, known as "the lady who posted the video" was there and the vets thanked her. Karla of course said no thanks were needed, as our service men and women are the ones who deserve the gratitude. One of the vets said, "You let people know, you made them aware."

Mr. Taylor came down from his "perch" and joined the vets. Look at all those smiles!

Karla and her husband recently moved back to Texas from Montreal. For this to be taking place in their home state, you know they are even more proud to live there. If you're ever in Galveston, please take a moment to watch and listen to Mr. Taylor as he steps from his home, onto the balcony above the perfect intersection--and soak in the moment of him playing Taps.

It's something you'll never forget, and something you'll always appreciate.