Vapes and e-cigarettes could be pulled from sale in Virginia

Flavored vape products without FDA approval could be removed for sale in Virginia, according to Virginia Mercury. 

A pair of bills are heading to Governor Glenn Youngkin's desk for approval. The bill would reportedly help regulate and eliminate 50% of illegal vape and e-cigarette products currently being sold in the commonwealth. The proposed bills also aim to curb underage vaping, as no flavored e-cigarettes or vapes are currently FDA-approved, which they say is to deter young consumers. 

Many parents across the region have also been raising concerns about vaping. 

"I do think we need to be concerned with the prevalence and ease for all these products that are out there for our young people who do tend to experiment and who are developmentally prone to take risks," said Meghan Westwood, an Executive Director with Maryland Treatment Centers, "I think that they’ve gotten a message that it’s less dangerous and less problematic than cigarettes. And that it’s pretty prevalent among the schools. It’s easy to do. They go into the bathroom. They’re vaping at school." 

According to Virginia Mercury, some opponents of the bill say this legislation will benefit big tobacco companies at the expense of small businesses and Virginians trying to quit smoking through vapor products. 

The deadline for Youngkin to veto or sign the legislation into law is Monday, April 8.