US coronavirus cases surpass 35,000, now the third-highest infected nation in the world

The number of new coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed 35,000 on Monday, making it the nation with the third-highest number of infections in the world, behind only Italy and China.

The death toll in the U.S. from the COVID-19 virus reached 471 — the sixth highest in the world.

U.S. health officials have said coronavirus cases will rise as testing becomes more widely available.

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All 50 states have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus. New York has the largest number of cases at nearly 17,000, after seeing a 37.4 percent spike Monday.

Washington state has the second-highest number of cases, at 1,996.

States and cities have taken increasingly drastic measures to contain the virus, with many shuttering businesses and restaurants, closing schools and ordering residents to stay at home.

California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom issued the nation’s strictest “stay at home” order last week. The governors of New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut did likewise.

The number of those sickened in California rose to 1,812 — the fourth-highest state, behind New Jersey at 1,914 total infections.

As the U.S. works to contain the rapidly spreading virus, Italy has seen surging statistics both in cases and deaths. The number of infections jumped to 59,138, while the death toll stands at 5,476.

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The death toll in China, where the virus originated in late December and where the contagion rate has started to slow down, stood at 3,274, with at least 81,454 confirmed cases.

Fox News' Danielle Wallace and Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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