UPDATE: 'Man on the Roof' reaches goal collecting toys for children in Union Co.

UPDATE (12/13/16): Good news! Brandon Reeves Auto World announced on Monday that they have reached their donation goal of 1500 bikes for children in Union county so they have a gift on Christmas Day.

The Monroe business owner has been camping on the roof of the business all for this good cause.

He's become known as the man on the roof. Reeves sleeps on an air mattress inside of a tent on top of his business. A large white and red sign marks his spot with the words, '24/7 until enough bikes are given.'

"The deal is once I get up here, I don't come down. I don't come down in the middle of the night or anything. That's the deal. I promised I would stay up here," said Reeves.

This all started last year when his then 6-year-old son wanted to give his own bike away last Christmas.

"He said, dad I heard there are kids who won't have bikes this year. He asked if he could give his. He wanted to help. It moved me."

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Reeves says he's going to stay on the roof, day and night, rain or shine, even into freezing temperatures. He makes clear; this is not for himself, but for the kids.

"It's the people who go out after working 10-12 hours a day, pick up their kids, feed them and do their homework, then run down and bring a bike to a used car lot for kids they've never met before. That's the real deal. That's a sacrifice."

The bikes are going to local children through the Union County Christmas Bureau. Reeves says they're off to a good start.

"When I got up here, hadn't been five minutes, and I hear a big old air horn and see a dump truck pull in from a local guy. He has a dump truck packed with brand new bikes and comes back and does it again."

Reeves still needed 1,300 more bikes as of Tuesday, December 6, before he could come down from the roof. They reached that goal on Monday, December 12, after receiving a final donation of 149 bikes.

You can help make a child smile this Christmas by dropping off a bike at Brandon Reeves Auto World on Roosevelt Blvd in Monroe.