Turkey Earthquake: The Napkin Network collecting formula, diapers for young victims

Several groups in the D.C. area are stepping up to help those impacted by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria earlier this week.

Donations are pouring in at the Turkish Embassy.

Some of the organizations have close ties to Turkey, others simply want to help out but all of them with a common goal: to help the thousands of victims affected by the earthquake.

With the death toll approaching 12,000, it’s been named the world’s deadliest earthquake in more than a decade.

Tens of thousands are injured or trapped and the call for help is urgent.

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The Turkish Embassy is now the meeting point for local relief efforts with donations rolling in.

"We are sharing their pain and I want to help them because I’m from Turkey and I want to help and share their pain with me," said Elif, a Turkey native and volunteer helping with donations at the embassy.

Nonprofit, The Napkin Network, is one of the local groups working to gather items for those affected.

They typically focus on helping moms in need in our area with basic baby essentials, but the founder told FOX 5 they’re pausing all efforts locally and taking items they receive in the next week to ten days to donate to the Turkish Embassy.

"There’s just no denying the way a mom feels, and I’ve been watching the news and seeing these little babies be literally pulled from the rubble. I’m in tears," said The Napkin Network founder Lindsay Gill. "A great thing that someone could contribute to this through The Napkin Network is formula that’s premade or premade formula with the nipples attached because there’s no access or very limited access to water."

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Other items they are collecting include baby blankets, warm clothes for babies, and cold and pain medication for children.

The Turkish Embassy posted an updated list of much-needed items like winter coats and pants, pocket heaters, boots, tents, and several health supplies on social media.

Meanwhile, the American Turkish Association of Washington D.C. has created a fundraiser to send monetary donations.

Fairfax County’s Urban Search and Rescue Team sent a group of 79 members and six dogs to assist local emergency personnel on the ground in Syria and Turkey. 

Check out a list of organizations helping victims below: