'Tired and fed up:' Juvenile crime top of mind in PG County as numbers rise

How to fight violent crime was the topic of discussion at a forum Tuesday night in Prince George’s County – especially surrounding the youth. 

"We the youth of this county are tired and fed up," said Lydia Murray, a student at Bowie High School. 

Violent crime is up almost 10% compared to last year.  

Leaders say it's time to re-gain control of the community with looking into possible anti-crime bills like juvenile justice reforms and parental accountability.  

"Let me bring Annapolis to Bowie," said State Sen. Ron Watson. 

Watson walked the room full of residents through some concerning headlines:

"We know what happened at DuVal High School. We heard about Baby Ka music teacher attacked in an elementary school."

 All of these cases involve young people.  

"The number one thing that breaks my heart, are the young children that are committing these crimes," said District 4 Councilmember Ingrid S. Watson. 

At a community meeting inside Bowie State University Tuesday, Chief Malik Aziz shared some numbers with the audience. In 2022 almost 3,000 cars were stolen and this year alone over 7,500 cars were taken. 

"That number should alarm you," said Aziz. 

And when it comes to carjackings, there’s been 530 since the beginning of the year, and 229 arrests. Juveniles make up more than half of these arrests. 

Prince George’s County Police are still searching for suspects in a recent shooting in Hyattsville the morning after Thanksgiving when a group chased a man, firing over 40 shots in his direction.  

"It’s not just disturbing to me. It should be disturbing to anyone who lives in that area that you could commit such an act and cause harm to anyone," said Aziz. 

FOX 5 learned a bullet recently went through a young girls bedroom window and hit several cars. 

 "That could’ve hit a child. It could’ve hit a mother, father, these are families here," said attendee Antonio Mingo. 

Mingo is asking county leaders to do more. 

"Don’t just wait till a forum when the numbers done went up high and it’s out of your control. Be in the community."  

Since January 1, police are reporting 88 homicides. Juveniles make up 10 of those victims.