'This has not stopped:' Migrant buses arrive in DC on Christmas Eve

Three buses of migrant families arrived on Christmas Eve from Texas at the U.S. Naval Observatory, where Vice President Kamala Harris lives.

FOX 5's David Kaplan spoke with the aid organization that handled the response to the busloads of migrants.

The migrants were from Texas, according to Tatiana Laborde, the managing director of SAMU First Response.

Laborde told FOX5 her organization was expecting three buses filled with migrants from Texas, but they arrived earlier than expected, on Christmas Eve, causing SAMU First Response to scramble.

"We had all of our logistics, kind of last-minute scramble for Sunday, but yesterday during the day we had to quickly change plans, make sure that food was going to be delivered, that we were going to have enough blankets for families arriving, and be ready for them," Laborde said. 

Laborde says these the three buses were originally headed to New York City from Texas, but diverted to D.C. because of weather. Laborde helped organize her staff to come in, buses, food and shelter to be ready for migrants who didn’t have clothing for the weather we’ve had in recent days.

"They were tired. It’s a very long trip and the weather conditions, once they step out of the bus, and it’s cold, and it’s a different cold than they’re used to," Laborde says.

Laborde says most of the migrants dropped off are already at or headed to New York City. 

A spokesperson for Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, who Biden selected as Border Czar, "need to step up and do their jobs to secure the border." 

"The White House is full of a bunch of hypocrites, led by the Hypocrite-in-Chief who has been flying planeloads of migrants across the country and oftentimes in the cover of night. These migrants willingly chose to go to Washington, D.C., having signed a voluntary consent waiver available in multiple languages upon boarding that they agreed on the destination. And they were processed and released by the federal government, who are dumping them at historic levels in Texas border towns like El Paso, which recently declared a state of emergency because of the Biden-made crisis," said spokesperson Renae Eze.

Saturday night's busloads represent the seventh, eighth and ninth buses in D.C. over the last five days, according to Laborde. 

"This has not stopped," Laborde said, "We have seen slowdowns because of different policies, or weather, but the constant flow of migrants continues to New York, Chicago, DC and our work doesn’t stop."