Teenage party at vacant house in Silver Spring disrupts neighbors

Residents in one Silver Spring neighborhood say their peace and quiet was interrupted last weekend because of a disruptive house party.  

FOX 5 has learned that the party involved juveniles at an unoccupied home that’s for sale.

Montgomery County police said someone took the for sale sign that was in front of a home on Colesville Road and Greyrock Drive in Silver Spring and tossed it into a neighbor's yard. The home is listed for sale for $1.4 million. 

When police responded to the noise complaint Saturday at 10:30 p.m., they said 200 people were in the home and many began to scatter. 

Inside the residence, police said they recovered five ghost guns. 

Jutta Hennig, who lives close to the house, said typically "this is really a quiet place." 

Neighbors gave FOX 5 a wide range of estimates on the number of partygoers. Some say they saw dozens to over 100 people at the house.

There were cars everywhere, some streets were tough to pass. They heard loud muffler sounds late at night, and trash was left behind throughout, the community members said. 

"Having several cars there is not surprising because people have gatherings," Hennig said. "But this was unusual, it went all the way from my neighbor's house to beyond my property. And I thought, how odd, somebody must really be having a party. And then I thought that many people would really be surprising."

So far, Montgomery County police said two people were charged, one with disorderly conduct and burglary. Since juveniles are involved, some details can not be disclosed. 

We have reached out to the realtor for the property, but they didn’t get back to us today. A truck belonging to a security company could be seen at the residence Friday morning.