Teen killed in Farmers Branch officer-involved shooting

An officer-involved shooting in Addison left a teenager dead and another person wounded.

Addison police said Farmers Branch Officer Ken Johnson claims he saw two people breaking into a car Sunday night at his apartment complex. That was followed by a short chase, a crash, and a confrontation that killed 16-year-old Jose Cruz.

Witnesses said a red Dodge Challenger pulled up to the intersection of Marsh Lane and Spring Drive. Soon after that a black SUV pulled up and hit the red car. Then someone got out of the SUV and started shooting into the red car.

Cruz was driving that vehicle and was killed. Another person inside the vehicle was taken to Parkland hospital and reportedly underwent surgery. The officer was not hurt.

Police said there was a confrontation, but have not said whether Cruz or his passenger had any weapons or whether the officer was in fear for his life.

A witness who was getting gas at the time of the incident told FOX4 he heard the driver of the SUV, later identified as Johnson, tell Addison police, "I saw them stealing a car and I shot them."

Cruz's friends and family don't believe it. Cruz's relatives described the teen as a good guy who didn't get into trouble.

"If they could actually show some proof or video or something then I would actually agree with them but until I see some video I won't agree with anything," said Cruz friend Franky Rodriguez.

The family said Cruz worked at a factory with his mother --and saved his money -- in order to buy the red Dodge Challenger he was shot in.

Farmers Branch police said Officer Johnson has been with the department since March 2015 and worked in the patrol division. He previously worked as an officer for DART police. He also served in the Army.

Johnson has been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard operating procedure.