T.C. Williams High School football team adjusting during the pandemic

Typically, the high school football season has been over for months at this point, but in Virginia, it’s just getting started after a COVID-19 delay.

That includes in Alexandria, where the T.C. Williams High School football team practiced Wednesday afternoon – in the snow.

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"This will be the first time that the guys have actually got together since last year," said James Parker, the director of athletics and student activities for Alexandria City Public Schools.

Unlike previous seasons though, they’re getting started with new health and safety protocols in place. For instance, players now have their temperatures taken before practice and they take a health screening too. Equipment is being wiped down repeatedly, and players have to wear masks at all times as well, even during games.

"It’s pretty tasking but it’s fine," said senior right tackle Alphonzo Baker, Jr. "We can deal with it because we still want to have fun."

Senior linebacker Adam Hunter agreed.

"The masks are weird," he said. "It’s kind of hard to like breath in them, but we’re all about dealing with adversity. It’s what we do every day."

The season is expected to last six games plus playoffs, with the first game set for February 22.

Parker said that if there’s a player tests positive for covid during the season, it’s likely the whole team would be shut down for two weeks. He also said that each student-athlete is allowed to bring two people to watch each game in person. Otherwise, a live stream will be provided for fans watching from home.