Supporters debate name of new elementary school in Prince William County

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Hundreds of people came out to sound off about the naming a new elementary school in Prince William County.

A total of 49 names to name the school after were submitted and it has been narrowed down to two - fallen firefighter Kyle Wilson or community leader Dr. George Hampton.

It is a tough decision for this community because as one resident said, there is no right or wrong decision.

Dr. Hampton is a retired lieutenant colonel and philanthropist who has donated significant contributions to cancer research, education and the arts. The 87-year-old attended Thursday night's meeting at Herbert Saunders Middle School.

Wilson is the county's first fallen firefighter. He lost his life in 2007 while battling a house fire.

Supporters for Wilson and Hampton packed the school's assembly room and shared why they believe this newest elementary school should be named after them.

The county's naming committee who will then present this information to the school board.

But according to Hampton, he doesn't think this should be a tough decision.

"I don't know why. I don't understand why there is any problem with me because my field is education," said Dr. Hampton. "I have spent my life dealing with education, both as a civilian and as a military person. So I just think it's my turn."

"The impact that [Kyle Wilson] had in his … years of being a teenager and young adult and the impact he had on the number of people that he did - to me is very important," said Bob Wilson, the father of the fallen firefighter.

If Wilson is selected, this would be the first elementary school named after a firefighter in the county.

The vote to name the school has been delayed due to the recent inclement weather. But the school board is scheduled to vote and make a decision next Wednesday.