'Superhero' parking for veterans, first responders

Superhero parking is popping up in Brevard County, Florida.

The City of Cocoa was the first to post preferred parking privileges outside City Hall. Three spots are set aside for veterans, active duty military members, police officers and firefighters. "I think it's awesome that [they're] acknowledging the vets--active duty as well as police and fire," said Jay Green of Rockledge.

The signs went up a few months ago. According to assistant city manager Matt Fuhrer there are plans to add two more at a busy municipal parking lot near the historic downtown shopping district. "Certainly the signs generated a buzz immediately. We've received no complaints as far as parking spaces being limited," Fuhrer said.

The buzz caught the attention of Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. He decided to recognize veterans, too, with front row parking at each precinct, the jail, and at the courthouse. "We absolutely love our veterans and our public safety officers wanted to make sure we recognized them," Ivey said.

In all, the sheriff's office will reserve about 15 spots for veterans. Ivey said reserved spots for police officers aren't necessary because they have a designated parking area. "You know hopefully other cities and governments across the state and the country will pick up on the idea as well," he said.