Study reveals the 'most desirable face', Good Day DC anchor's reactions to study goes viral

After sifting through years of requests from his patients, a plastic surgeon in London says he's come up with the "most desirable face."

In an article featured this week on, Dr. Julian De Silva of the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery says for the last 10 years, he's been logging the features that women ask for most. Now, he's put out a list of the nine most popular features, and high atop it-- is Kate Middleton's nose.

Mathematically, the Duchess of Cambridge has the perfect nose. According to studies, having a 104-108 degree nasal tip rotation makes it perfect.

Here's the full list:

1. Nose: Kate Middleton
2. Eyes: Keira Knightly
3. Eyebrows: Jennifer Lopez
4. Lips: Penelope Cruz
5. Cheeks: Angelina Jolie
6. Skin: Reece Witherspoon
7. Forehead: Miley Cyrus
8. Chin: Selina Gomez
9. Jaw line: Cher

De Silva also took all of these features together to make the "most desirable face" -- in one image.

However, two of the Good Day DC anchors, Maureen Umeh and Wisdom Martin, did NOT agree with the study. Without having to utter a word, their priceless reactions, which have since gone viral, say it all. Watch the video above and look at Maureen and Wisdom's hilarious reactions for yourself!

Let's focus a little on Umeh's side-eye because FOX 5 viewers were quick to point it out. In short, they loved it!

Prior to the show, Holly Morris, Wisdom Martin, Erin Como, and Gary McGrady talked all about the study and who they would like to look like on Facebook Live.

I most want to look like.... Erin Como Fox 5 DC Wisdom Martin FOX 5 DC Gary Mcgrady Meteorologist FOX 5 DC Fox 5 DC

It's clear that the study was taken as a complete joke. It's safe to say that Maureen and Wisdom have officially gone down for the most hilarious facial expressions caught on morning news.