Striking UAW members fight man outside Stellantis plant claiming he yelled racial slurs

A brawl erupted outside the Stellantis Center Line facility early Friday evening after a man driving by allegedly hurled racial slurs and insults at striking UAW members.

The incident - caught on video as SkyFOX helicopter cameras were rolling - unfolded with the man stopping his SUV and getting into a verbal confrontation with a group of UAW members.

Video shows it quickly escalated with shoving and the man grabbing a striker's sign, wielding it as a weapon swinging at UAW members.

After backing up against a fence, punches were exchanged as a group of members traded blows with the man. At one point the man stumbled onto the ground where he absorbed additional punishment. 

The altercation appeared to simmer and the man returned to his vehicle when his wife got out, and can be seen throwing a piece of trash at the UAW members. 

At this point pushing and shoving took place with one UAW member swatting her head with his sign.

The UAW official at the scene told FOX 2's Jessica Dupnack that the man drove up, started yelling racial slurs, and throwing objects at the crowd. 

The man motioned like he had a weapon, leading to UAW members intervening to see if he had a (weapon) on him, he said.

"He was yelling racial slurs calling people the b word and the n-word," said Troy Rollins. "Started throwing stuff at people, and then reached behind his back like he had something.

"And we got him on his way."

The agitator and his family drove off before police arrived, there were no arrests.

"We're not violent, we're not looking for none of that, we're not instigating fights," Rollins said. "The man jumped out of his car and attacked us."  

Rollins says 99 percent of public interactions and support have been positive.

"They are bringing us food, they are dropping off water," he said.

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Earlier on Friday the UAW called on all General Motors and Stellantis parts distribution facilities to join the strike.

These 38 facilities are in 20 states, with 13 located in Michigan. See the list HERE.