Stolen cell phone helps police capture burglary suspects

Police used a stolen cell phone to track down and capture a crew of thieves.

It started with a burglary at a Verizon phone store in Bethlehem. According to investigators, the trio of burglars tried to get away by fleeing into neighboring Gwinnett County where police canines played a big role in their take down.

Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith told FOX 5 News his deputies followed the pings of the stolen cell phone to the area of Five Forks Trickum Road near Patterson. Police captured one man as the trio bailed out their vehicle.The other two fled into the woods and nearby neighborhoods.

"They probably ran about a half a mile in distance through the woods around a lake tried to get into a residence, the homeowner wasn't home and denied access," said Sergeant Chris Ralston with the Lawrenceville Police Department.

Ralston said police canines were brought in along with Lawrenceville City Police, Gwinnett County Police and Sheriff Deputies. He said officers, deputies and dogs fanned out into the woods and neighborhood. The remaining suspects, he said, were quickly captured in the backyard of someone's home. Police dogs took both of them down.

"One suspect was apprehended by a Gwinnett County canine. The other suspect by a city of Lawrenceville canine. One subject was bit by the dog after he resisted," he said.

Ralston said the man bitten by the dog was taken to the hospital. The other two suspects he said were taken to jail in Barrow County.