Special needs student kicked out of class for medical marijuana shirt

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A Coweta County mother is outraged after her nine year old son was pulled out of class for wearing a medical marijuana t shirt.

"What would you do if I sent Aiden to school in a shirt with a picture of a bottle of children's Tylenol on it? It's a drug. It's legal but so is what he's wearing," Jillian Bramlett said.

Bramlett told FOX 5 that her son Aiden wasn't allowed back into his second grade class at Elm Street Elementary School in Newnan for hours on Thursday.

"They called me and asked me to bring him another shirt. I refused," Bramlett said. "I was thinking is this real? Are they really concerned about this shirt?"

Bramlett's son Aiden is autistic and has a rare form of epilepsy. He was prescribed medical marijuana to help with the seizures.

"The shirt has the word medical, has the word cannabis, has the word health. It says I'm a patient," Bramlett said.

In the Coweta County Schools student handbook, the dress code policy says shirts advertising alcohol, tobacco or drugs are not allowed.

"It needs to be broadened, needs to be more specific or it needs to be taken out completely," Bramlett said.

Friday the school system issued a statement saying, "System staff reviewed the issue and a determination was made this afternoon that the shirt is in violation of the student dress code."

"It's not so much the shirt. It's about awareness and it's about the closed mindedness. They don't want to be educated and informed about something that has changed his life," Bramlett said.