Some store reopenings in Tysons Corner Center leave residents confused

Voluntary compliance is what Fairfax County police say they’re counting on as retailers begin to open for business across Northern Virginia.

This comes amid questions and confusion after non-essential retail stores at several malls opened their doors for business.

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A FOX 5 viewer wrote us over the weekend wondering why some stores are opening in Tysons Corner and the viewer is not alone.

The details are in the fine print like so many things.

Most of the stores inside the mall are closed but if you read Governor Ralph Northam’s executive order closely it says, in part, “Any brick and mortar retail business not listed in paragraph 3 (non-essential) may continue to operate but must limit all in-person shopping to no more than 10 patrons per establishment."

Even so, there was some confusion when folks saw an open Forever 21 store, Kay Jewelers and more inside Tysons Corner Center.

It appears the stores were following proper protocols and social distancing rules, letting just one customer in at a time.

The mall’s management company did receive inquiries about the retail stores open and referred all questions about "violations of the Governor’s order to Fairfax County police."

All the customers and employees were wearing masks, though they’re not mandatory, they are recommended as all of the Commonwealth moves into phase one in the coming weeks.

"I want to reiterate that moving into phase one for those localities doing so. This virus has not changed it is still with us and as we allow people to go to more places it becomes even more critically important that people wear face coverings in public places and stay physically distant from each other," said Northam. 

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Northam’s executive order gives permission for brick and mortar retailers to be open also says if they cannot adhere to the 10 patron limit with proper physical distancing requirements, it must close.

Fairfax County Police say if they receive any complaints, they will investigate. So far, they have not received any complaints but confirm several stores inside Tyson’s Corner are open.