Somali-born student behind car, knife attack at Ohio State

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Police confirm the suspect behind an attack that injured 11 people Monday at Ohio State is a Somali-born immigrant, and a student at the school.

An alert came just before 10 a.m. of an active shooter situation near the science and technology building. It wasn't a shooter, but rather a man, now identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who jumped a curb with his car, plowing into pedestrians, and then started stabbing people.

"He exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians," said Craig Stone, Ohio State University Deputy Chief. "Our officers were on scene less than a minute and ending the situation in less than a minute."

Officials are praising campus police officer Alan Horujko. Investigators say he told Artan to drop the butcher knife and he refused. The officer then shot and killed him.

"We're very fortunate that an OSU PD officer was there and took quick action," said Monica Hall, OSU director of public safety. "I believe that injuries were minimized as a result of that."

Eleven victims were taken to three Columbus hospitals. Most had been hurt by the car, and two had been stabbed, officials said. One had a fractured skull.

Police officials say they are investigating this case as an attack of terrorism, but have not yet released a motive. They executed a search of the suspect's home and are reviewing security camera footage as well as a Facebook post. In it he seemed distraught over treatment of his fellow Muslims.

Several prayer vigils were held Monday night to support the victims and the community. Classes at OSU were canceled after the attack, but are scheduled to resume Tuesday.