Small business celebrates Trump Inauguration

It was a fun day for dozens of employees at a Conyers business. The owner always holds free lunches every month, but this month he thought what better way than to hold it on Inauguration Day.

Applause and cheers rang out at Precision Machine and Tool Works Friday as Donald Trump took the Oath of Office to become the 45th President of the United States.

"I'm excited, just ecstatic. When I got up this morning it was like Christmas morning all over again. It really was. it's a big celebration . it's a great day in history and I'm just glad we could be part of it," said owner Scott Brannon.

Brannon said he's owned the business 31 years and his employees are his family. He believes Trump is good for small businesses like his.

"I'm excited about him strengthening military, about him bringing jobs back here, about putting people to work... just bringing people together and uniting the people, that's what we need," said Brannon.

Other employees expressed similar beliefs and hoped Trump would follow through on his helping America's small businesses.

Not only did Brannon cater Friday's lunch, but he ordered t-shirts commemorating the day for his 26 employees.

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