Silver Spring man's death remains mystery five years later

On February 20, 2014, a coworker went by Philip Welsh's Silver Spring home to check on him after he hadn't shown up to work. There, they found Welsh beaten to death inside. He lived alone.

Montgomery County Police and Welsh's family and friends have described Welsh as a simple man who resisted modern technology. He still used a typewriter and didn't own a cell phone.

His lack of digital footprint has complicated the investigation. Detectives typically can pore over electronic records to gain clues about who someone has been communicating with in the moments before a suspicious death.

"He didn't have a cell phone, but he had an answering machine. He had an old television and you know he was good," said Joseph Welsh, Philip's brother.

Joseph Welsh described his brother as a good friend and a calming voice to those he cared about.

Now, police are asking for tips to help them solve the case.

Welsh typically left his door unlocked and had reportedly gone to bed that night with the door unsecured, yet nothing appears to have been taken from the home on Hanover Street.

Joseph Welsh says he's hopeful someone will provide police with the tip that will solve the case.

"After five years you know it won't bring him back. We'd love to know what happened. We'd love to know who did it and so like I said we're optimistic on that front," said Welsh.

Police ask anyone with information about the Welsh case to contact them. Tips leading to an arrest are eligible for a reward.