Serial vandalism suspect may have spray-painted 260 cars, police say

Howard County police are searching for a suspect accused of numerous acts of vandalism using spray paint.

Investigators say 28 cars were painted at a senior living center in the 9800 block of Palace Hall Drive in Laurel early Monday morning. Four other cars and two buildings were spray-painted in the 9100 block of Guilford Road in Columbia that same morning.

Police believe the same suspect is likely responsible for both cases and possibly many others. More than 260 vehicles have been damaged in similar cases since December.

The suspect was seen on surveillance video wearing dark clothing, dark gloves and a black and white pom knit hat. White spray paint was used in the cases.

Investigators released images of the most recent damage, some of which includes the words "Jack Boys" and other random markings. Police also released a list of previous cases in Columbia that may be connected. They all happened in the overnight hours:

- Dec. 15 in the 7500 block of Monarch Mills Way

- Dec. 20 in the 9600 block of Whiteacre Rd./5800 block of Thunder Hill Rd.

- Dec. 21 in the 5800 block of Stevens Forest Rd.

- Dec. 27 in the 5800 block of Stevens Forest Rd.

- Dec. 30 in the 5500 block of Waterloo Rd.

- Dec. 30 in the 8300 block of Tamar Dr.

- Jan. 14 in the 7500 block of Murray Hill Rd.

- Feb. 1 in the 6900 block of Deep Cup

- Feb. 4 in the 5700 block of Stevens Forest Rd.

- March 31 in the 9900 block of Guilford Rd.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call (410) 313-STOP. Police are offering a reward of up to $1,500.