Second measles case confirmed in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Health has confirmed the second measles case in the state, officials announced Tuesday.

Health officials say the second case "is a household contact of the first confirmed case." Both Maryland residents are reported to have acquired the measles outside of the state in an area experiencing an ongoing outbreak.

There is no evidence of the spread of measles in Maryland and there are no additional potential measles exposure locations in the state, health officials say.

Health officials released the following information on the measles:

"Measles is a contagious vaccine-preventable viral infection easily spread to unvaccinated persons through coughing, sneezing and secretions from the mouth. Early measles symptoms of high fever, runny nose, cough and red, watery eyes typically develop 10 to 14 days after exposure to the virus. Usually, one to four days after the early symptoms, a red rash appears on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. A person with measles is contagious beginning four days before the rash appears until four days after the rash begins. Those who are most at risk of complications from measles infection are: pregnant women, infants less than one-year-old and those who are immune compromised."

Visit the Maryland Department of Health's website for additional information on the measles